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This page tries to solve some of the problems you may encounter when using WinTAR. They are by no means complete.


I was trying to connect to a remote host using either the IP address of the host or the host name, but WinTAR only shows "Connecting to <HOST address IP> name..." without any connection. After a while, the error message "Timed out. If you're using REXEC, make sure that your PC..." pops out.
You may get this error if your remote host does not know the mapping between your host name and IP address. This information is usually found in /etc/hosts on your workstation or it could be stored in your domain name server.


The following trouble-shooting questions are related to Version 2.2.5 of WinTAR-SCSI.  The latest version is Version 2.3.0.   Please go to our downloading section to download the latest evaluation version.  If you are a registered user of WinTAR-SCSI, please refer to our announcement section for details on how to download a new version.

I'm running Windows NT, and I have a SCSI tape drive that can be seen by Windows NT and another backup program. However, WinTAR-SCSI cannot detect it.

First of all, make sure that you've downloaded Version 2.2.5 of WinTAR-SCSI since Version 2.2.0 has a bug in detecting a SCSI tape drive under some SCSI card and system configuration. Also, as of WinTAR-SCSI Version 2.2.4, the ASPI manager is included in our distribution.

After pressing the "I Agree" button upon starting WinTAR-SCSI, I get a fatal error message saying "Out of System Memory".

If you have WinTAR-SCSI version 2.2.1 and below, this message actually means that your ASPI driver is not installed properly. When you are at this stage, it means that you have a copy of wnaspi32.dll in your system. However, the virtual SCSI device driver is not installed properly or the version of the driver does not work with your copy of wnaspi32.dll. First of all, you may want to do a system search on wnaspi32.dll and check if you have multiple versions of wnaspi32.dll in your system. If you do, remove all except the one in your systems directory. If this does not work, re-install WinTAR-SCSI Version 2.2.5 from our WinTAR-SCSI downloading page. If you are running Windows 95 and you've a non-Adaptec SCSI card, such as a Symbios (NCR) 810, you may need to run an ASPI-enabling DOS TSR in the first line of config.sys before starting Windows 95.

I'm using Windows NT, and I have WinTAR-SCSI 2.2.5. Upon starting up WinTAR-SCSI, I get a fatal error message saying that the ASPI manager cannot be loaded. What should I do now?

In order to correctly install WinTAR-SCSI under Windows NT, you must first login as an Administrator and then install WinTAR-SCSI.

When I am using an Exabyte tape drive of type 8505 or 8700 and I want to write tapes in 8200 or 8500 format, the resulting tape cannot be read on a 8200 or 8500 type tape drive.

The density codes specified in our on-line help are reversed. The "normal" density codes for writing into 8200 and 8500 tape formats are 20 and 21 respectively.

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