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  Year 2000 Statement

SpiralCom Communications defines Year 2000 compliance for our WinTAR product line as the ability of our product to function accurately and

  1. without interruption before, during and after January 1, 2000;
  2. without changes in operation associated with the advent of the Year 2000.

Additionally, in order to be considered Year 2000 compliant, our WinTAR products do:

  • Correctly handle date information before, during, and after January 1, 2000. (*)
  • Represented and stored date information using four digit years.
  • Utilized the correct Operating system functions to recognize the year 2000 as a leap year.

(*) Because tar originates from the Unix world, all date and timing information are represented internally by a 32-bit integer storing the number of seconds since January 1, 1970.  This means that the representation will break down during the year of 2038.  We'll worry about this problem 39 years from now!

Based on the above definition, the following WinTAR products are Year 2000 compliant:

  • WinTAR-Remote Version 2.2.1 and above
  • WinTAR-SCSI Version 2.2.1 and above

If your product is not listed above, your product is not Year 2000 compliant.

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